Cooperation with Bilderlings to become even more convenient

Fintech platform Bilderlings has begun cooperating with OFFSHORE IT, which now offers our current account to its customers.

When entrepreneurs decide to go international with their business, many questions immediately arise – where to register their company, how to run a business in a given country, based on how suitable the business climate is for economic development, what is the tax policy in this country, how strict is government oversight? Our partner helps entrepreneurs navigate the vastness of the world market; without partnership with a payment company, this is is quite a difficult task today.

Partnering with Bilderlings is going to make it easier for businesspeople to operate. When a client has a question about opening a current account, OFFSHORE IT contacts experts in the relevant field – and here Bilderlings comes to the rescue. The process of opening an account with our company takes only 1-2 days from the moment documents are submitted. Bilderlings provides its international clients with 24/7 personalized service, assigning them a personal manager to accompany and advise them on all financial matters.

Details about opening a current account can be found here.

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