Instagram influencers: how to boost online business profits

In this new article on the Bilderlings blog we discuss tools and trends in the world of social networks, as well as the impact of bloggers on e-commerce marketing.

To what extent can you increase conversions in your store by using social networks as trading platforms? According to e-commerce experts, you can increase the target audience by up to 70 percent of the total number of visitors to your website.

Instagram, since its 2012 acquisition by Facebook, is fast becoming the number one tool in global e-commerce marketing. It is more successful than Linkedin, YouTube or Twitter. Today, this resource attracts more advertisers’ attention than “traditional” media resources, significantly outperforming them in terms of investment growth. The process of raising funds is facilitated by various functions, such as Direct, the option to create Stories, as well as hashtags.

The better the story – the faster the sale

The better part of the Instagram network is made up of users who create and promote personal pages. The commercial component comprises the accounts of online shops and companies of various kinds (ranging from cafes to large manufacturers), celebrity blogs, etc. There are more than 1.1 billion Instagram subscribers, and their Instagram accounts are usually linked to their Facebook accounts. As to the age of users, the majority were born in the new millennium,  generation Z, as well as millennials; we previously discussed these demographics in more detail.

Four hundred million users view Instagram Stories daily, and more than 90 million of them view Instagram posts with “purchase” function monthly.

Here is the business math. The app has more than 25 million business profiles, including 2 million large international companies. One out of three most-viewed stories is created by a company using Instagram “windows of opportunity” (or particular bloggers) to achieve its goals, that is, to increase sales. Instagram as a marketing tool already has all the necessary functionality.

Yes, for a seller it is important that their Instagram followers are real people. Instagram is now effectively fighting bots, which, by the way, you won’t find on YouTube and Facebook. You cannot force a bot to purchase your product, and the Tap to View Products button (at the bottom of the image) is created specifically for buyers.

Bloggers – the faces of trade

Since 2018, car dealers, fitness clubs and fashion clothing brands have been paying more attention to bloggers on Instagram. Bloggers can be thought of as nano-bloggers (with hundreds of subscribers) and “elite” bloggers, such as reality television star and model Kylie Jenner. At the age of 21, she became the youngest billionaire in history, breaking Mark Zuckerberg’s record. She has more than 100 million followers on Instagram. For just one post she can earn up to a million dollars.

A blogger on Instagram in Europe and the United States can be considered a “profitable acquisition” by a company if he or she has 20,000 or more subscribers. The threshold in the Baltic region is two times lower.

About 60 percent of global brands use influencers in their marketing. Popular and relatable personalities increase trust in brands and stores. Often, instead of one elite blogger on Instagram, an advertiser will prefer to use 20-50 nano-bloggers who have stronger “connections” on social networks, say, with their one to five thousand subscribers, to promote their product.

How to make the “right purchase”?

Instagram helps people with common interests to find companies and products – both global brands and “niche products”. In Instagram Stories you can create a strong “live contact” between one person and as many as five thousand subscribers. For example, a young mom on maternity leave with two children can help a particular store to promote their product, “authoritatively advertising” it on Facebook and Instagram, where she has about five thousand subscribers. And she will spread awareness much more efficiently than mere “word of mouth”.

Indeed, many shops and brands would rather work with such a “mother of two” than an elite blogger with huge fees. For example, one of the most successful beauty bloggers, Zoe Sugg (Zoella) from London, who has 11 million followers on YouTube (as of this writing) and an additional 10 million subscribers on Instagram, charges at least 17 thousand dollars for one post. American reality show star Kim Kardashian, who has 132 million followers on Instagram, gets a minimum of 400,000 dollars for a short post.

According to one study of Instagram, today it’s the stance taken by social media influencers, and not a picture describing the product, that motivates a user to make the “right purchase”. Visitors to online stores want to hear about this or that product from people they trust. Online retailers are counting on this, inviting popular and respected persons to demonstrate their products and share their thoughts on them.

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